Xumm Launches QR Payment Feature for Retail Stores

Xumm and XRPL Labs have recently announced the launch of a new QR payment feature that allows users to make payments at retail stores using an XRPL wallet. This new feature was created in partnership with Frii, a loyalty program platform, and the first terminal was installed at 36aWay, a sandwich and pasta shop in the Netherlands.

The announcement of the QR payment feature was made in response to a request for a Xumm wallet debit card, as the developers felt that the cards were inefficient and required additional fees, making QR payments a more optimal solution. With this new payment option, users can pay with any Xumm-supported token and the store will receive the requested amount of fiat in the form of Gatehub stablecoin.

The developers have also noted that there is no need for stores with card POS to purchase another terminal or device to accept the new payment option. Retailers can simply add the Xumm XRPL QR payment solution to an existing terminal. Additionally, plans are in the works to launch a payment feature for e-commerce stores, with the launch expected to take place either this month or next month in one of the largest e-commerce stores.

Xumm and XRPL Labs are hoping that this new payment feature will revolutionize the way people make payments in retail stores. The developers believe that the ease and convenience of the QR payment feature will make it a popular choice for users, as it eliminates the need to carry cash or cards and offers a secure and fast way to make payments.

Furthermore, the developers have noted that the QR payment feature will also be beneficial to retail stores, as it will help to reduce the cost associated with credit card payments. The developers also believe that the QR payment feature will help to increase customer loyalty, as users will be able to easily and quickly make payments and receive rewards for doing so.

Overall, the launch of the Xumm XRPL QR payment feature is a major step forward for the cryptocurrency industry. It will not only provide users with an easy and convenient way to make payments, but it will also help to reduce costs for retailers and increase customer loyalty. It is expected that this new payment option will be adopted by more and more stores in the near future, as it offers a secure and fast way to make payments.


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