$1.05M Loss in 30 Days: Crypto Whale’s Unchecked Spending Spree Unravels!

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In the world of cryptocurrency trading and investment, ‘whale’ is a term often used to denote an entity or a trader with a substantial amount of capital. They are known for their ability to influence market trends through their vast buying and selling actions. Recently, one such whale has been under the spotlight for accruing large quantities of various cryptocurrencies. This article will delve into the details of these transactions and their aftermath.

According to a report from Lookonchain, this particular whale has spent an astounding 2,802 Ethereum (ETH), worth approximately $4.73 million, to purchase several different cryptocurrencies over the last 30 days. The purchased cryptocurrencies include:

  • Unibot ($UNIBOT)
  • Bitcoin ($BITCOIN)
  • Looks ($LOOKS)
  • Hilo ($HILO)
  • Dubbz ($Dubbz)

Despite such immense investing, the values of these cryptocurrencies did not fare well, causing the investor to suffer a net loss. As of the current market prices, the whale’s total loss stands at roughly $1.05 million.

Breakdown of the Whale’s Purchases

The image above illustrates the series of transactions made by the whale throughout the described duration. Here is an itemized enumeration of the whale’s essential buys:

  1. Unibot ($UNIBOT): The largest purchase was of Unibot, where the whale spent 868 ETH ($1.49M) to acquire 11,884 pieces, each priced at $125. This purchase resulted in a loss of $385K.
  2. Bitcoin ($BITCOIN): Bitcoin followed closely in the second position with a total spending of 811 ETH ($1.4M). The whale acquired 13.47M Bitcoin tokens priced at $0.1 each, suffering a loss of $484K.
  3. Looks ($LOOKS): The whale’s third most significant purchase was of Looks. At $0.1 each, the whale obtained 21.78M tokens, costing a total of 769 ETH ($1.26M). This deal led to a loss of about $94K.
  4. Hilo ($HILO): Alongside the top three, the whale also procured 2.57M units of Hilo by spending 240 ETH ($393K). Each Hilo token cost the whale $0.15, resulting in a loss of $88K.
  5. Dubbz ($Dubbz): In a surprisingly profitable venture amidst the losses, the whale managed to earn a profit on the purchase of Dubbz tokens. By spending 114 ETH ($185K), the whale bought 88,088 Dubbz tokens worth $305K at a price of $2.10 each, leading to a modest profit of $5K.

DISCLAIMER: This content serves as market commentary and should not be treated as investment advice. We strongly recommend conducting your research before any financial involvement.


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