Web3 Italia community publishes progress report and proposed Neo business development plan

Web3 Italia is a community-driven initiative focused on creating an Italian Neostarter pack for non-developer users. The project was proposed in response to a grant application by GrantShares, who provided the requested 2,500 NEO to the team in July 2022. The Web3 Italia team consists of three key members, each filling a core role such as a Neo protocol expert, a marketer and social media manager, and a business consultant.

The team’s main goal is to educate and onboard new users interested in exploring the blockchain space, particularly in the Neo ecosystem. Web3 Italia offers various resources, tools, and strategies to help individuals or organizations start their own communities in the Neo ecosystem. The project’s progress report highlights the team’s goals, current achievements, and provides a path to follow for those looking to start their own communities.

One of the team’s primary objectives was to draft both long and short-term plans for ecosystem development. They analyzed the Web3 SEO landscape, launched a community website with Neo-specific, and general blockchain resources. The community website provides updates on the latest developments in the blockchain industry, information about the Web3 Italia project, and provides essential insights into blockchain technology, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain use cases.

In addition, Web3 Italia has a structured area for developers who are new to Neo. Through this, they provide essential educational resources to help developers understand the underlying protocol and work to improve the existing codebase. The team recognizes that developers are crucial for the success of any blockchain project and thus endeavors to support their growth within the ecosystem.

Web3 Italia has grown its online and offline presence through social engagement, creating a structured community organization with a focus on community building. The project is particularly active on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Discord, and Meetup, which are noted as valuable targets for community growth. The Web3 Italia team also provides pointers on recommended roles, community organization and offers advice on running locals meetups in an informal environment.

Web3 Italia launched its first meetup in Rome in October 2022, which provided a forum for blockchain enthusiasts to network and learn about the latest developments and innovations in the industry. Since then, the project has continued to host events, both online and offline, aimed at growing the Neo ecosystem in Italy.

The team’s research efforts over the last half-year culminated in the “New Web3 Model,” a whitepaper written to help direct long-term business development for Neo. In the Nebulas model, authors consider the general market landscape, user requirements, community resources, and offer recommendations for adjustments to Neo’s organizational structure.

Furthermore, the model includes a study into Neo’s existing token model, where the team proposes the introduction of a new token that would serve as an incentivization tool for its new business development model. This token, dubbed N3D or “N3 DAO Token,” the team argues, would be used by the Neo community to vote on appropriate tasks and as compensation following task validation. The Web3 Italia team includes example Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to demonstrate how evaluations could be handled.

The “New Web3 Model” white paper is hoped to be a starting point for future discussions regarding business development in the Neo ecosystem. The Web3 Italia team is committed to creating a conducive environment for blockchain growth in Italy, offering a blueprint for other countries or regions interested in exploring the blockchain space. Through its consistent growth and participation in the blockchain ecosystem, Web3 Italia has emerged as a prominent name in the Neo community.

The team’s efforts to evangelize the Neo ecosystem, grow the community, and offer essential educational resources and insights have been commendable. The project has played an essential role in introducing new users to the blockchain space, providing valuable tools and resources, and creating a supportive community where individuals or organizations can learn, experiment, and grow. The Web3 Italia team’s commitment to the Neo ecosystem and broader blockchain industry is admirable, and their progress report is an inspiration to the community-driven projects.


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