TangleHUB Joins Hands with The Node Provider DLT(dot)GREEN

TangleHUB, a software development company, recently announced its partnership with DLT(dot)GREEN, a decentralization-focused node pool. Their collaboration aims to expand TangleHUB’s decentralized storage solution, PIPE, across Europe and provide more users with secure and efficient storage solutions.

PIPE is a decentralized storage solution that works like an AirBnB for data storage. It allows users to rent out storage space or store their data in a safe and reliable way. The unique architecture of PIPE enables it to be as fast as existing cloud solutions such as AWS or Microsoft Azure, at a fraction of the cost while also offering quantum security.

DLT(dot)GREEN provides reliable nodes for a variety of use cases via an API. With a focus on innovation and a commitment to providing the highest level of service, DLT(dot)GREEN is poised to play a major role in the future of decentralized technology.

The partnership between TangleHUB and DLT(dot)GREEN will expand PIPE’s decentralized storage to reach across Europe. Through DLT(dot)GREEN’s innovative installation solution, deploying PIPE nodes has become easier and more streamlined. Peter Willemsen, Lead Architect & Co-Founder at TangleHUB, said in his statement about the partnership that they are thrilled to be working with DLT(dot)GREEN and their easy-to-use node onboarding solution. It will greatly benefit the node onboarding process.

The joint efforts of TangleHUB and DLT(dot)GREEN’s will play a vital role in making decentralized storage more accessible and reliable. This collaboration also makes it possible for more businesses and individuals to adopt this innovative technology.

The influx of 75 powerful nodes will supercharge the current testing phase and also solidify the network’s reliability and stability, setting the stage for even greater things to come. Dennis Schouten, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at TangleHUB, said “he is looking forward to this partnership with DLT(dot)GREEN and the opportunities it presents. They’re eager to work together to further develop their decentralized storage network, PIPE, and expand its reach.”

Late in January 2023, IOTA, an open-source distributed ledger, got selected for the next phase of EU blockchain Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) to develop and test a DLT solution for providing improved Europe-wide blockchain services. This selection will further help in the adoption of decentralized storage solutions.

The current IOTA price is $0.248240. IOTA is up 6.97% in the last 24 hours and has a current market cap of $689.99 million. This price surge is a testament to the growing demand for decentralized storage solutions.

The collaboration between TangleHUB and DLT(dot)GREEN is an important step in the right direction. It will help expand the reach of decentralized storage solutions and make them more accessible and reliable. This will open up new opportunities for businesses and individuals to adopt this innovative technology. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.


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