Shibarium’s Fast Launch Slowed Down by This, Shytoshi Kusama Says

Shibarium, the Layer-2 solution for the Shiba Inu token, is set to be released soon, but there are some issues that are hindering its launch. Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of the project, recently addressed the community in his Telegram group “All Things Shibarium” and pointed out the main issue that is slowing down the fast launch.

According to Kusama, he is pushing as fast as possible to get the release out, but the SHIB army keeps distracting him and there is a lack of empathy. He also said that since he did not set an exact date for the launch in the first place, it cannot be delayed.

Kusama also responded sarcastically to questions about the launch date, saying that the community may keep thinking that the release will continue at a slow pace, but he is intending to do it faster than they are expecting now. Earlier this week, he posted a message on Telegram, saying that Shibarium is ready and the next step is to roll out the beta to the community, but first, he wants the community to let the top developer, Kaal, mourn the recent death of his father.

Meanwhile, Kusama has started publishing articles on Medium, introducing the Layer-2 protocol to the Shiba Inu community around the world. The first post, an invitation to Shibarium has already come out.

It seems that some projects are backing off from Shibarium. Kusama had earlier said that some of the builders who had got in touch with him a while ago, saying they want to build on Shibarium, have gotten out of touch with him. He said that they stopped getting in touch after he laid out the basic values of Shibarium, which are “Burn, Protect, Help, Grow.”

The release of Shibarium is highly anticipated by the Shiba Inu community and the crypto world in general. It is expected to bring a range of benefits to the SHIB network, such as improved scalability, faster transaction speeds, and lower transaction fees. It is also expected to bring more stability to the SHIB token, which has seen a lot of volatility in recent months.

Shibarium is being developed by a team of experienced developers, led by Shytoshi Kusama, who is a veteran in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. He has been involved in the development of several projects, such as Ethereum, Polkadot, and Cosmos. With his expertise, the team is confident that Shibarium will be a success.

The team is also working on other projects, such as the SHIB exchange, which is expected to launch soon. This will enable users to easily trade SHIB tokens and other assets on a secure platform.

The launch of Shibarium is expected to bring more attention to the Shiba Inu token, as well as the SHIB network. It will also open up new opportunities for developers to build applications on the network, which could lead to more innovation and growth in the space.

Overall, the launch of Shibarium is expected to be a major milestone for the Shiba Inu token and the SHIB network. It will bring more stability, scalability, and user adoption, as well as open up new opportunities for developers. With the launch of Shibarium, the Shiba Inu token and the SHIB network are expected to reach new heights in the crypto world.


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