PawSwap (PAW) Market Cap Soars After Recent Manifold Listings: Details

PawSwap (PAW) Market Cap Soars After Recent Manifold Listings: Details

PawSwap, the upcoming multi-chain decentralized crypto exchange on Shibarium, has recently gained significant attention in the crypto community due to its rapid growth in market capitalization and trading volume. The native PAW token of PawSwap has spiked exponentially and become one of the most sought-after tokens in the market. In this article, we will delve deeper into the reasons behind PAW’s massive success, as well as recent controversies surrounding it.

According to the official PawSwap dex Twitter account, PAW has been listed on a dozen exchanges, some of which are among the top 25 on CoinMarketCap ratings. After eight most recent listings, the PAW token has seen an increase in 24-hour trading volume, gaining over 6,000 holders in total. PAW’s market cap has risen to over $100 million in a matter of days.

PAW’s impressive growth can be attributed to the support of the PAW and Shib communities. In a tweet, @PawShibarium stated, “YOU built this, YOU grew this, YOU made this possible. This is only the beginning, the work continues.”

PawSwap aims to be the first multi-chain decentralized crypto exchange that will function on Shibarium after this Layer-2 solution for the SHIB network launches. The PAW token saw staggering growth after being listed on, LBank, Bitrue, and MEXC. The price of PAW increased by 90% and even roughly by 135% – the latter being noticed after the South Korean trading giant announced the PAW listing.

Furthermore, PAW was also listed on the Canadian exchange Biconomy, adding even more validation to the PAW token’s success. PAW fan @PawInformer shared a list of exchanges that have recently added support for PAW, which includes 12 platforms in total.

However, recent controversies have surfaced surrounding the PAW token. A fake PAW account was spotted on Twitter, pretending to be the official PawSwap dex account. The fake PAW account announced a fake airdrop of meme tokens, prompting warnings from SHIB enthusiasts like SHIBARMY CANADA (@Dezaxe). He advised the SHIB community to block and report this scam account to avoid losing their crypto.

Furthermore, some SHIB Telegram moderators have begun a “campaign of hatred and lies” regarding PAW, according to @Dezaxe. Nevertheless, the SHIB enthusiast reminded the Shiba Inu community that the PAW token is by no means a rival to Shiba Inu, and PawSwap dex does not threaten ShibaSwap. He urged the SHIB community to stop playing “frustrated children” and focus on supporting the whole ecosystem of crypto projects.

In conclusion, PawSwap’s success with the PAW token is a testament to the power and influence of community support in the crypto market. With the launch of the multi-chain decentralized crypto exchange on Shibarium, PawSwap is poised to become one of the most important players in the crypto industry. However, it is essential to remain vigilant and cautious amid the proliferation of scams and fake accounts that seek to exploit the growing crypto market.


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