Lilly to cut price of insulin for people with commercial health insurance

Eli Lilly & Co. LLY announced on Wednesday that it is taking steps to reduce the cost of insulin for those with commercial health insurance. The company is capping out-of-pocket insulin costs at $35 for people with commercial health insurance at certain retail pharmacies, and is also lowering the prices of all its insulins. In particular, non-branded Insulin Lispro will now cost $25 a vial. Additionally, Lilly said in April that it will soon launch a biosimilar to Lantus, which will cost $92 for a five pack of pens.

The company understands that these price cuts will take time to be implemented by the insurance and pharmacy system, so it is taking extra steps to help those in need. To that end, Lilly is expanding its patient assistance program and is introducing new co-pay cards and discount programs. These programs will help patients with commercial insurance pay no more than $35 for a month’s supply of insulin, regardless of the type or brand they are prescribed.

Furthermore, Lilly is introducing a new online portal to make it easier for patients to access the company’s assistance programs. The portal will allow patients to find out which programs they are eligible for and to apply for assistance. It will also provide information on how to access Lilly’s insulin products at a reduced cost.

The company is also launching a new program to help people without insurance access insulin. Through this program, Lilly will provide its insulin products to uninsured patients at a discounted rate. The company will also work with advocacy organizations to help uninsured patients access the insulin they need.

These initiatives are part of Lilly’s commitment to making insulin more affordable and accessible to those who need it. The company has been working with advocacy organizations, health care providers, and payers to find ways to reduce the cost of insulin and make it more accessible. Lilly also supports legislative efforts to make insulin more affordable.

The rising cost of insulin has become a major issue in recent years. The cost of insulin has increased drastically over the past decade, and this has had a major impact on those who need it. The initiatives announced by Lilly are an important step in addressing this issue and making insulin more affordable and accessible.

Lilly’s commitment to making insulin more affordable and accessible is commendable and will hopefully have a positive impact on those in need. The company’s new programs are a welcome relief for those who are struggling to afford insulin, and will hopefully help to make this life-saving medication more accessible.


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