FX option expiries for Mar 30 NY cut

FX option expiries for March 30th NY cut at 10:00 Eastern Time, via DTCC, have been revealed in the tables below. These expiries provide insights into the potential impact of options that are about to expire and can help traders anticipate potential price movements.


The first table shows EUR option expiries with their corresponding amounts in EUR. The 1.0680 level has the largest expiry of 1.3 billion euros. Additionally, levels at 1.0700, 1.0950, and 1.1000 have significant expiries, totaling 2.8 billion euros, 1.5 billion euros, and 1.9 billion euros, respectively. Lastly, the 1.0840 level has an expiry of 784 million euros.

  • 1.0680 1.3b
  • 1.0700 2.8b
  • 1.0840 784m
  • 1.0950 1.5b
  • 1.1000 1.9b


The second table shows USD option expiries with their corresponding amounts in USD. The most prominent level is at 131.00, where an expiry of 1.6 billion USD is due. Other critical levels that traders might want to keep an eye on are the 130.00 and 132.00 levels with expiries of 1.1 billion USD and 1.4 billion USD, respectively. In addition, many other levels, including 130.50, 131.50, 132.90, and 134.20, have significant expiries for this date, totaling 658 million USD, 1.2 billion USD, 1.1 billion USD, and 647 million USD, respectively.

  • 130.00 1.1b
  • 130.50 658m
  • 131.00 1.6b
  • 131.50 1.2b
  • 132.00 1.4b
  • 132.90 1.1b
  • 134.20 647m


The third table highlights AUD option expiries with their corresponding amounts, with the most significant expiry being at 0.6650, with a total of 850 million AUD. Additionally, the 0.6600 and 0.6745 levels also have expiries of 834 million AUD and 530 million AUD, respectively.

  • 0.6600 834m
  • 0.6650 850m
  • 0.6745 530m


Lastly, the final table shows USD option expiries with their corresponding amounts, where the most significant expiry is at the 1.2500 level, with a total of 814 million USD.

It is worth noting that while expiries can be a useful tool, they are merely one of the factors affecting the FX market. The options market size itself is frequently dwarfed by the spot FX market, which tends to be more liquid and more readily traded. However, options can still have a significant impact, particularly when a significant number of market participants use them to hedge their positions.

Looking at the data above, traders involved in the EUR/USD currency pair may want to consider factoring in the potential impact of the expiries at the 1.0680, 1.0700, 1.0840, 1.0950, and 1.1000 levels. Additionally, traders in the USD/JPY pair may want to note the expiries at 130.00, 131.00, and 132.00 levels, while traders in the AUD/USD currency pair might want to watch the 0.6600, 0.6650, and 0.6745 levels. Lastly, market participants involved in the USD/CAD pair might want to keep an eye on the 1.2500 level.

In conclusion, traders may use option expiries to assist in their decision-making processes, but it is essential to keep in mind that they are just one of many factors influencing the FX market. Market participants should always approach trading with caution and integrate options expiries into their trading strategies accordingly.


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