CoinTR assists earthquake victims in Turkey

On February 6, 2023, Turkey was hit by a devastating earthquake that directly affected over 9 million people. Thousands of individuals sought refuge in temporary shelters across the nation, while many families were separated from their loved ones. This tragedy has left hundreds of children orphaned and unable to reunite with their parents, increasing the challenges of rebuilding after the disaster.

In response to this catastrophe, CoinTR, a local exchange in Turkey, actively partnered with Turkish NGOs and other industry partners to assist the affected population. The CoinTR team visited the earthquake-ravaged area and donated funds and essential items to those in need. The team also constructed and donated cinema tents specifically created for children. This initiative aimed to help the younger generation experience the joy of going to the movies, easing their suffering and bringing joy to their hearts.

CoinTR cooperated with the Umut Sensin Association, a well-known non-governmental organization (NGO) in Turkey, to build the first-ever “children’s cinema” in Pinarbasi, Kahramanmarash Elbistan. The cinema tent was set up to show the movie “Ice Age”, and popcorn toys and more were provided to add to the experience. The Umut Senshin Association and CoinTR Pro Exchange hope to continue the tent cinema project, helping more children in the disaster area.

CoinTR strives to not just provide shelter, but to also provide for the basic needs of those affected by this tragedy. In order to do so, a team of CoinTR exchange employees volunteered to participate in relief work, setting up a food tent in collaboration with Umut Sensin. The team provided hot meals to over 6,500 people three times a day, ensuring that the affected population had access to basic essentials.

The CEO of CoinTR expressed his heartfelt compassion, saying, “The recent earthquake in Turkey has had a devastating impact on many people and communities. Our efforts will bring some comfort to those affected. We are calling on our industry peers to unite again and provide support in these times of crisis.”

CoinTR is doing its part to ensure the safety of its users and their families, assisting them in their time of need. This exchange, located in the central business district of Istanbul, offers over 100 cryptocurrencies for users to trade. In addition to providing various trading tools, including fiat deposit, spot trading, and futures trading, CoinTR also cooperates with Turkish state-owned banks, VakıfBank and Zirrat bank, for direct TRY depositing. CoinTR ranks 32nd on CoinMarketCap and 24th on Coingecko.

CoinTR’s efforts have been noteworthy in providing the necessary support and relief to those affected by Turkey’s earthquake. Their partnership with Turkish NGOs like Umut Sensin has allowed them to respond quickly and efficiently to the crisis. This will, in turn, provide a valuable lesson to other organizations on the significance of mutual collaboration in times of disaster.

In conclusion, CoinTR’s assistance to the earthquake victims in Turkey is a reminder of the importance of proactively responding to individuals in dire need during disasters, and how organizations can come together to work for the common good. CoinTR’s work in helping to provide relief and essential needs to the affected population serves as an excellent model for other organizations to follow. The empathy that CoinTR has shown during these challenging times has demonstrated the power of the crypto community to make a meaningful impact in the world around us.


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