Circle Striving To Find New Banking Partners For USDC Stablecoin

Circle Internet Financial, the company behind the USDC stablecoin, is facing challenges as its banking partners continue to shut down their services. On Sunday, federal regulators announced that depositors at Silicon Valley Bank would receive their cash back, which seemed to resolve Circle’s $3.3 billion reserve problem. However, Signature Bank was closed by New York state regulators to protect depositors, leaving the crypto industry’s backend infrastructure in limbo.

Signet, a 24/7 blockchain-based real-time payment system used by several crypto trading firms, including Coinbase and Circle, is now unable to operate due to Signature Bank’s sudden closure. This issue has left Circle unable to process minting and redemption through Signet. As a result, Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire announced on Twitter that the company would be bringing on a new transaction banking partner to automate minting and redemption as soon as possible.

Coinbase also stated in its third-quarter shareholder letter that it had joined Signet to enable real-time payments and settlements. With Signet’s fate now uncertain, Coinbase had to pause redemptions between U.S. dollars and USDC late Friday, but they resumed on Monday when regular banking hours resumed.

Nevertheless, Circle’s spokesperson stated that they had no USDC reserves with Signature Bank. As of press time, USDC is trading at around $0.99, nearing its peg to the dollar.

Circle’s efforts to find new banking partners for USDC stablecoin

Given the increasing volatility of the cryptocurrency market and the increasing demand for transparency, Circle is striving to find new banking partners for the USDC stablecoin. The company is committed to building robust and automated USDC settlement and reserve operations with the highest quality and transparency.

Despite the recent challenges, USDC has maintained a strong position in the crypto market. The stablecoin’s demand underscores its value in facilitating cross-border transactions, especially in countries with hyperinflation or cryptocurrency restrictions.

Circle’s ability to find new banking partners for USDC is crucial for its continued growth and success in the cryptocurrency industry. The company’s focus on transparency and high-quality operations is commendable, and it is likely that Circle will continue to be a key player in the cryptocurrency market.


Circle’s USDC stablecoin continues to face challenges as banking partners shut down their services. Signature Bank’s closure has left the crypto industry’s backend infrastructure, Signet, in limbo, and Circle is now striving to find new transaction banking partners to automate minting and redemption.

Despite these challenges, USDC has remained resilient, and its demand highlights the importance of stablecoins in the cryptocurrency market. Circle’s commitment to building robust and automated USDC settlement and reserve operations with the highest quality and transparency is commendable.

In conclusion, Circle’s efforts to find new banking partners for USDC and maintain stablecoin’s integrity in the cryptocurrency market are crucial for its continued growth and success. The company’s transparency and commitment to high-quality operations are essential in building trust among stakeholders and customers.


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