Breaking: Dan Snyder to Sell Washington Commanders for Whopping $6 Billion, Sources Say

Dan Snyder, the long-time owner of the National Football League’s (NFL) Washington Commanders, has reportedly agreed to sell the team, marking the end of his 24-year ownership. According to media reports on Wednesday, a group consisting of Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Josh Harris, NBA legend Magic Johnson, and billionaire Mitchell Rales has reached a $6 billion agreement in principle with Snyder. The figure significantly surpasses the $800 million Snyder paid for the then-named Redskins back in 1999, which was a record amount at the time.

The sale represents a major turning point for the Washington Commanders, whose history has been filled with controversy and internal issues. Under Snyder’s tenure as owner, the team underwent multiple name changes, struggled to achieve consistent success on the field, and faced numerous criticisms related to its business practices.

One of the most contentious issues during Snyder’s ownership was the team’s former name, the Washington Redskins. For years, the name had been criticized for being racially insensitive towards Native Americans. It wasn’t until 2020 that the organization finally decided to change its name and logo. In the face of mounting pressure and corporate sponsorship withdrawals, the team temporarily became the Washington Football Team before recently adopting its current name, the Washington Commanders.

Washington Commanders’ on-field performance has not been particularly impressive during Snyder’s ownership either. The team has made just five playoff appearances since 1999, winning only two playoff games. In comparison, the Commanders won three Super Bowl championships in the 1980s and early 1990s before Snyder took the helm.

The organization has also faced numerous off-the-field issues during Snyder’s tenure. The 2020 release of an investigative report by The Washington Post detailed allegations of sexual misconduct by over a dozen former employees, contributing to the team fostering a toxic work environment. Additionally, there have been several reports of bitter feuds and internal disputes involving Snyder, front office executives, and coaches.

Despite these controversies, the Washington Commanders have remained a financially successful team under Snyder’s ownership. According to Forbes, the team is valued at $4.2 billion, making it the eighth most valuable sports franchise in the world. Some of the team’s success can be attributed to various business partnerships and lucrative sponsorship deals, including a stadium naming rights deal with FedEx for an estimated $205 million over 25 years.

The new ownership group, led by Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Josh Harris and featuring Magic Johnson and Mitchell Rales, is expected to bring significant changes to the organization. Harris is a proven leader in the sports world, having successfully grown the 76ers’ brand and making savvy investments in other sports properties. Johnson, a five-time NBA champion and former part-owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, brings additional experience and a winning mindset.

Mitchell Rales, a co-founder of the industrial conglomerate Danaher Corporation, adds considerable financial muscle to the incoming ownership group. With an estimated net worth of $7.1 billion, Rales can help provide the Commanders with the resources needed to become a competitive team once again.

The $6 billion agreement between Snyder and the new ownership group underscores the continued growth and financial clout of the NFL. It not only highlights the league’s ongoing success in the face of numerous challenges, including threats to player safety and controversies around social and racial issues, but also sets a new benchmark for sports franchise valuations moving forward.

As the Washington Commanders prepare for a new era under the guidance of the Harris, Johnson, and Rales-led group, it remains to be seen how the changes brought about by new ownership will manifest both on and off the field. Nonetheless, after more than two decades of Snyder’s reign, the sale offers hope for a brighter future for the team and its fans.


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