Binance Launches Exciting EDU/EUR & EDU/TRY Trading Pairs – Boost Your Crypto Portfolio Now!

Dear Binancians,

We are excited to announce that Binance will be launching new trading pairs, EDU/EUR and EDU/TRY, at 08:00 (UTC) on May 1, 2023. This development will provide more options for trading and expand our platform’s reach. In order to provide you with more information and insights about this new update, we have prepared a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know about the new EDU/EUR and EDU/TRY trading pairs.

Introduction to EDU Token

EDU is an innovative cryptocurrency designed for the education sector. The EDU token facilitates an efficient, transparent, and secure payment system for educators and students, making it easier to access various products and services in the educational ecosystem. As the world moves towards digitalization, the EDU token aims to revolutionize the education sector, offering a truly global and decentralized platform for learning resources, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

EDU Token Use Cases

The EDU token has multiple use cases within the education sector. Some of these include:

1. Secure and Fast Payments: EDU tokens can be used as a payment method for educational products/services, allowing users to make easy and secure transactions.

2. Discounted Access to Educational Material: The EDU token can be used to gain access to discounted or exclusive educational resources, such as e-books, research papers, and online courses.

3. Global Ecosystem: Through the EDU token, educators, students, and institutions can collaborate, share their knowledge, and gain access to content from all around the world.

4. Rewards and Incentives: The EDU token can serve as an incentive mechanism to encourage engagement and continued learning within the educational ecosystem.

The New EDU/EUR and EDU/TRY Trading Pairs

To expand trading options for our users and promote the adoption of EDU tokens, Binance is introducing the EDU/EUR and EDU/TRY trading pairs, allowing you to trade EDU tokens directly against the Euro (EUR) and the Turkish Lira (TRY).

By adding these new trading pairs, users can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Enhanced Flexibility: These new trading pairs will provide users with more options for trading, allowing them to easily exchange their EDU tokens for EUR and TRY, or vice versa.

2. Increased Liquidity: The addition of the EDU/EUR and EDU/TRY trading pairs will create more liquidity for the EDU token, ultimately making the market more efficient and facilitating smoother trading experiences.

3. Wider Reach: The new trading pairs will expand Binance’s reach into different markets, making it easier for users from Europe and Turkey to access and trade EDU tokens.

4. Easier Portfolio Management: With the availability of direct EDU/EUR and EDU/TRY trading pairs, users can manage their portfolios more efficiently, reducing the need for additional conversions through other cryptocurrencies.

How to Trade EDU/EUR and EDU/TRY on Binance

Trading the new EDU/EUR and EDU/TRY pairs on Binance is simple and straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process:

1. Register or log in to your Binance account.

2. Deposit EDU tokens, EUR, or TRY into your Binance account.

3. Navigate to the “Exchange” tab and select either the EDU/EUR or EDU/TRY trading pair.

4. Choose your desired trading method – either a limit order, a market order, or a stop-limit order.

5. Input the amount of EDU tokens or the corresponding currency (EUR or TRY) you wish to trade.

6. Confirm the details of your transaction and execute the trade.

7. You can monitor your open orders and trade history in the “Orders” tab.


The launch of the new EDU/EUR and EDU/TRY trading pairs on Binance represents an important step towards promoting the use and adoption of the EDU token. As the education sector continues to evolve, we believe that the EDU token holds significant potential in facilitating seamless, secure, and efficient transactions within this industry.

We encourage our users to explore these new trading pairs and take advantage of the benefits they offer. We remain committed to continuously improving and expanding our platform to cater to the diverse needs of our users, and we look forward to bringing you more exciting updates and features in the future.

Happy trading!

The Binance Team


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