Arthur Hayes vows his family office Maelstrom will ‘f— some s— up’

Arthur Hayes, co-founder of Bitmex exchange, recently declared in a LinkedIn post that he’s ready to go public about his family office, Maelstrom. The family office focuses on investing in cool and innovative crypto and digital assets, according to their website. Their home page features the tagline “we are entropy,” suggesting they are specialists in bringing order to chaos. Hayes also mentioned that their head of investments, Akshat Vaidya, will attend conferences worldwide, indicating that the family office is keen to establish themselves in the industry.

It’s worth noting that Hayes was sentenced to six months of home detention last May for his involvement with BitMEX. Regardless, he continues to remain an influential player in the crypto industry.

Hayes has invested in several crypto projects with his family office, including Elixir, a decentralised fintech protocol and market maker that raised $2.1 million in seed funding earlier this year. Besides investing in digital assets, Maelstrom also appears to have an inclination towards innovative companies, as seen from their investment in Elixir.

What Maelstrom Is All About

Maelstrom’s website describes their investment strategy as seeking to invest in innovative technology and companies that are changing conventional models. They believe in investing in companies that are shaping tomorrow, particularly in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector.

The family office hints at investing in a variety of digital assets, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They seem to be particularly interested in innovation and are on the lookout for promising businesses that many investors might overlook.

Maelstrom’s mission is intriguing, as evidenced by their tagline “we are entropy.” Entropy measures the disorder or randomness of a system, indicating that they’re committed to bringing order to investment portfolios that may appear chaotic or imbalanced.

Maelstrom’s Future Plans

It appears that Hayes and his team are motivated to make their presence felt in the crypto industry. In addition to attending conferences worldwide, they also plan to continue investing in innovative technology and companies that are changing conventional models. According to their website, they focus on bringing a different perspective to the table when it comes to investing.

Maelstrom’s investment portfolio is still unknown, but their commitment to investing in technology and innovative businesses that are often overlooked suggests that they are looking at taking risks in areas that traditional investors may not.

Maelstrom’s strategy could appeal to investors who want to make a difference in the world while making a profit. While cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular, there are still many people who don’t see the potential in emerging technologies. However, Maelstrom appears to be committed to making investments that push the boundaries of what people believe is possible.

Final Thoughts

Arthur Hayes and his family office are undoubtedly taking risks by investing in emerging technologies and cryptocurrencies, particularly given his previous legal troubles with BitMEX. However, their investment strategy seems to be based on a strong belief in blockchain and digital assets, both of which are predicted to have a significant impact on the future of finance.

Maelstrom’s mission is also commendable, as their focus on bringing order to chaotic areas of investment portfolios and making innovative investments could help shape a better future. Given their apparent enthusiasm and dedication to investing in emerging technologies, it will be interesting to see how Maelstrom’s journey unfolds in the future.


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