“Anticipate Unexpected: Biden’s Surprising Stance on UK Free Trade Agreement Discussions”

Amanda Sloat, a member of the White House Foreign Affairs Committee, has stated that the topic of a free trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States is not expected to be discussed by President Joe Biden during his visit to the country. This comes amid hopes that the two countries could come to an agreement regarding a post-Brexit trade deal.

In addition to her statement regarding the trade agreement, Sloat also shared some other key quotes:

“We’re continuously looking for ways to deepen economic engagement with the UK.”

“Biden’s visit will underscore the readiness of the US to engage in further economic investment in Northern Ireland.”

When questioned about leaked security documents, she added that “the US has been having engagements with a broad number of allies and partners.”

Though Biden will not be broaching the topic of a free trade agreement during his visit, his administration is still seen as being committed to working closely with the UK in various aspects, such as trade and investment. This is in line with Sloat’s statement that they are always seeking ways to deepen economic engagement between the two countries. Britain is currently the fifth largest trading partner for the US, with total trade between the two countries amounting to $273 billion in 2019.

One of the major points of engagement during Biden’s visit will be centered on Northern Ireland, as the two governments seek to foster a more productive economic relationship with the region. The US has long been an important partner for Northern Ireland, with the growth of its economy being driven largely by foreign direct investment, with the US standing as its largest source of foreign investment. The White House has also been committed to supporting the peace process in Northern Ireland, and as such, it is expected that the President’s visit will emphasize the United States’ readiness to contribute further to the region’s economic growth and stability.

Meanwhile, the leaked security documents mentioned by Sloat could refer to the recent news that the UK’s Royal Navy plans to station two new aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, in the Indo-Pacific region. This decision has been met with criticism from some regional partners, who have raised concerns over the potential for increased tensions in the already-contested area. However, this move by the UK has also been viewed as a potential opportunity for further collaboration between the US and the UK, as the two countries share strategic interests in the region.

Despite the absence of a trade deal discussion during Biden’s visit, the occasion is still seen as an opportunity for the UK and the US to strengthen their ties in multiple aspects. In addition to the points mentioned by Sloat, it is expected for the two countries to discuss other pressing global issues, such as climate change, the pandemic response and recovery efforts, and regional security concerns.

In conclusion, while the topic of a free trade agreement between the UK and the US may not be discussed during President Biden’s visit to the country, the two governments will still have the opportunity to broach several other important issues that affect both nations. Areas of economic engagement, such as investment in Northern Ireland and potential collaboration on security interests in the Indo-Pacific region, are still seen as points that can contribute to a deepening partnership between the UK and the US.

As Sloat emphasized, the objective of the visit is to underscore the readiness of the United States to engage in further economic cooperation with the United Kingdom. This is a goal that will undoubtedly be pursued, even without the pursuit of a specific free trade agreement for the time being. In the long run, a more comprehensive and dynamic partnership between the two countries can help bolster their respective economies and contribute to global prosperity and security.


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