Report: Elizabeth Warren Sounds Alarm Over Tesla’s Controversial Social Media Usage


Image Source: Watcher.Guru Warren Expresses Concerns about Tesla’s Connection to Twitter U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren has penned a detailed nine-page letter to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), urging a thorough investigation into Tesla’s interactions with Twitter. The Massachusetts Democrat, known for her stance on stringent corporate oversight, has communicated her concerns about […]

Birkenstock Owner Reportedly Eyeing Future Business Options, Including Possible IPO!


L Catterton Contemplating Options for Birkenstock Private-equity firm, L Catterton, is currently exploring various strategic routes in regards to the long-established German sandal manufacturer, Birkenstock. These options might run the gamut from full-fledged ownership transitions to significant changes in the company’s operating structure, according to people who are closely associated with the matter. An increasing […]

Xi’s Brave Face-to-Face Intervention: Warns Putin against Deadly Nuclear Strike in Ukraine!


The highly influential Financial Times recently released an article detailing a critical meeting held in March between Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. This meeting, taking place amid rising tensions in Ukraine, was marked by Xi’s stern cautionary message to Putin against considering a nuclear attack on Ukraine. This information comes […]

“Unveiling the NY Fed and MAS Report: Revolutionary Insights Worth 15 Words!”


According to the report, the various teams were able to perform cross-border transactions with near real-time settlement finality across distinctly distributed ledger (DLT) and hashed timelock contract (HTLC) technology stacks. The New York Federal Reserve’s New York Innovation Centre’s Project Cedar and the MAS’s Project Ubin+ stated on May 19 that they investigated a cross-border […]

“Exclusive Report: Leaked Memo Exposes Democrats’ Plan to Classify Cryptocurrencies as Securities!”

A recently leaked memo has revealed that the Democratic House Financial Services Committee is considering classifying cryptocurrencies as securities. The memo was circulated among Democratic House members and reported by Forbes, with industry insiders expressing concern that such a move could have significant implications for the cryptocurrency market. The memo specifically called for Democratic lawmakers […]

“Crypto Firms Rake in $2.6B in Q1 2023: Uncover the Catch in Exclusive Report!”


In Q1 2023, crypto-focused companies managed to raise $2.6 billion in investments across 353 rounds, according to a report by global capital markets data platform, PitchBook. Although this amount represents a consecutive decline in investment activity for the fourth quarter, there is still a positive outlook for the cryptocurrency sector. The report indicates that investment […]

“Shocking Scam Story: Moroccan Bitcoin Fiasco Ruins Ferrari Purchase – Exclusive Report!”


The Casablanca Court of Appeals has sentenced 21-year-old Frenchman Thomas Clausi to 18 months in prison for orchestrating a cryptocurrency scheme. In addition to his prison term, Clausi must compensate the victims of the scam and pay a penalty of €3.4 million (approximately $3.7 million) to customs authorities. Cryptocurrency scammers have become increasingly inventive in […]