“Silver & Gold Plunge, Copper Hits Record Low: November’s Unprecedented Market Shift!”


Gold, silver, and copper experienced significant declines on Thursday, with silver falling nearly 5%, as a result of a rebound in the US dollar and concerns surrounding China’s economic recovery. These precious metals have been a popular choice for safe-haven investors amid uncertainty and inflationary pressures due to the pandemic, with gold even hitting its […]

Crude Oil Futures Surge: Experts Predict More Upside Gains as Demand Skyrockets!


The concept of open interest refers to the total number of outstanding futures contracts, which have not yet been closed, exercised or expired. Open interest signifies the level of trading activity and liquidity within the market, often giving traders an insight into potential market direction and trends. A rising open interest could suggest that new […]

“Gold Futures on a Winning Streak: Second Straight Session Gain!”


Gold futures recorded consecutive session gains recently, reaching their highest levels since mid-April. Market analysts attribute the strength of the precious metal to its status as a safe-haven asset, particularly amid the current global uncertainty. Gold for June delivery settled at $2,037 an ounce on Comex, up $13.70, or 0.7% for the session after climbing […]

“Gold Futures Plunge: Witness the Lowest Settlement in Over a Week!”


Gold futures experienced a decline on Monday, finishing at their lowest prices in over a week. Analysts have attributed this to the May Day holiday celebrated in Europe, causing a particularly volatile trading session on Comex. Market participants were also closely watching the news of JPMorgan Chase’s takeover of First Republic Bank and preparing for […]

“Golden Gains: Modest Week & Month Profit Boost for Gold Futures Settlers”


Gold futures experienced a modest increase in April, with prices slightly rising during the week and throughout the month. Factors such as range-bound interest rates, equity markets, U.S. dollar trends, and emerging market buying are expected to influence gold prices in the near future, according to Rob Haworth, senior investment strategist at U.S. Bank Asset […]

“Gold Futures Plunge: Expect Major Extra Losses in the Pipeline – Don’t Miss Out!”


he bearish trend observed over the last few days. In the same line, volume partially reverted the previous drop and increased by around 67.1K contracts. Gold futures markets have experienced a significant uptick in trading activity over the past week, with Wednesday’s flash data from CME Group revealing that market participants added approximately 5.4 thousand […]