April Treasury Surplus Hits $178 Billion, Falling Short of $235 Billion Forecast


The United States Treasury Department has reported that the government registered a $178 billion surplus in April 2023. This figure, however, came in below the expected $235 billion. In the month under review, total receipts amounted to $638 billion, while outlays stood at $426 billion. Comparatively, in April of the previous year, the fiscal surplus […]

Helium Network (HNT) Successfully Migrates to Solana: Exciting Future Developments Await!


Helium Network (HNT) Move to Solana Completed, Here’s Everything You Need to Know About The Transition and Expectations For The Future After the completion of its recent move to Solana blockchain in late October 2021, the Helium Network (HNT) is poised for growth and new functionalities. This transition has several implications on the decentralized wireless […]

US Services PMI Declines, Revealing Slower Economic Activity


In March, economic activity within the US services sector grew at a slower pace, with the ISM Services PMI dropping to 51.2 from 55.1 in February. The reading was weaker than the market expectation of 54.5. The inflation component of the PMI survey, the Price Paid sub-index fell to 69.5 from 65.6 in February, while […]