“ECB Prioritizes Privacy: No Interest in Users’ Personal Data, Ensures Security!”


ECB has no interest in users’ personal data The advent of technology and digital innovation has led to the proliferation of data and our lives are now intricately connected to a digital network. Financial institutions are no exception in accessing an ample amount of data to provide efficient solutions and services. The benefits of using […]

“ECB Ramps Up Tightening Expectations, Sparks Buzz – A BBH Exclusive Insight!”

Economists at BBH have observed that European Central Bank (ECB) officials are wrestling with increasing volatility in inflation and growth, making policy decisions more difficult. The ECB’s Fabio Panetta highlighted the impact of geopolitics and specifically the current situation between Russia and Ukraine. Panetta noted that geopolitical shocks could cause persistent output and inflation volatility, […]

“ECB’s Panetta Warns Soaring Profit Margins May Ignite Inflation Surge!”


European Central Bank (ECB) board member Fabio Panetta has expressed concerns that increasing profit margins might contribute to fueling inflation. His statement comes as the world economy witnesses rising inflation levels fueled by pandemic-related supply chain disruptions and a post-lockdown recovery across major economies. Panetta argues that even as companies face higher production costs due […]