Shanghai and Suzhou Spearhead Exciting New Drive for Fresh CBDC Adoption in China


1. Efforts to Promote Increased Adoption of Digital Yuan in Shanghai and Suzhou The respective administrations of Shanghai and Suzhou, two of China’s most affluent regions, are intensifying efforts to boost usage of the country’s digital national currency, or CBDC, known as the e-CNY. Their initiatives aim to invigorate adoption and acceptance levels among citizens […]

Unleashing Green Finance: The Exciting New Path for China’s Digital Yuan!


Digital Yuan Expanding as Financing Option for Chinese Firms As digital currency continues to make its mark on the global economic scene, more firms in China are expanding their use of the digital yuan, known as the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). In particular, the digital yuan is becoming a popular method for securing funding […]

China’s Bold Plan for Cuban Spy Base to Zone in on US, Reports Wall Street Journal!


According to unnamed US officials cited by the Wall Street Journal, China is planning to establish an electronic eavesdropping facility in Cuba, which would allow Beijing to gather intelligence on the US. The agreement supposedly came after China agreed to pay Cuba several billion dollars to build the spy base. Implications of the Spy Base […]

China & Singapore Lead Charge: Pioneering Sustainable Investment Revolution!


The adoption of sustainable and green investments has been on an upward trajectory worldwide, with more governments, institutions, and individual investors recognizing the long-term benefits of aligning their portfolios with the global goals of combating climate change and promoting sustainable development. China and Singapore are two countries that are increasingly making concerted efforts to support […]