August 11 Jobless Claims in the US Drop Below Forecast, Hits Unexpected 1.702M!


Insightful Analysis of the Jobless Claims Data in United States of August 11 The United States continues to go through a period of economic transition impacted by various factors. Labor market data serves as an important gauge with the numbers from August 11 showing that the continuing jobless claims were below forecasts. This article will […]

Commerzbank Predicts Major Krona Appreciation in a Year: Investment Boom Expected!


The team of economists at Commerzbank anticipates that the Swedish Krona may not experience significant upward potential until the year comes to an end. This is despite the Riksbank, Sweden’s central bank, having recently increased the key interest rate. The Existing Economic Scenario In evaluating the current state of the Swedish economy, Commerzbank economists have […]

Ruble Set for Medium-Term Fall Amid Shrinking Surplus, Predicts Commerzbank!


Revised USD/RUB Forecast Path by Commerzbank Economists Share this Article: The currency exchange rate of the US Dollar (USD) to the Russian Ruble (RUB) has been a topic of keen interest to global economists and investors. It has been largely impacted by dynamic factors such as economic sanctions, global financial markets, and political events. In […]

AUD/USD Price Watch: Elusive Sub-0.6700 Bounce Waits for Correction Breakthrough


AUD/USD regains momentum, reaching an intraday high near 0.6665 as it rebounds from critical short-term support, marking the first daily increase in the past three trading sessions during early Monday. The Australian Dollar (AUD) seems to have recouped from its previous setbacks, mainly due to the recent rise in market sentiment, allowing AUD to draw […]

As Default Risk Rises, Expect Sentiment Shift, Warns Commerzbank – Stay Alert!


Negotiations to prevent the US from defaulting on its debt have been postponed to next week. While this issue is not currently a concern for the foreign exchange (FX) markets, sentiment could change at any moment as the likelihood of default gets closer. Economists at Commerzbank stated that the USD reaction to a hypothetical US […]

“Gold Futures Plunge: Shaky Ground for Investors as Stunning Losses Loom Large”


Open interest in gold futures markets continues to grow steadily, marking the fourth consecutive session of expansion on Thursday. This time, the open interest grew by 665 contracts, according to preliminary readings from CME Group. Typically, when there is an increase in open interest, it indicates that investor interest in the asset is growing, and […]

“US Stocks Soar: Market Closes at 6.9481, Outperforming Last Close at 6.949”

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC), China’s central banking institution, recently set the yuan at 6.9481 against the US dollar, compared to its last close of 6.5 and against an estimate of 6.9472. It is important to analyze this change and understand its impact on the market, as well as comprehend the significance of the […]