Billionaire ‘Bond King’ Jeffrey Gundlach Predicts the Fed Will Cut Rates Substantially Soon

Billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach, known as the “Bond King,” has become the latest financial pundit to predict that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates soon. Gundlach, who founded DoubleLine Capital, tweeted his prediction on May 3, 2019. He said that the Fed would be “cutting rates substantially soon,” and issued a “red alert” on recession signals.

Gundlach’s warning came after the US Treasury bond yield curve inverted. The yield on three-month Treasury bills exceeded that of 10-year bonds. Such an inversion has preceded every recession in the past 50 years. It suggests that market participants are not optimistic about the US economy and expect the Fed to cut rates.

The Latest on Interest Rates
Despite the signs of a slowdown, the Federal Reserve chose to maintain interest rates between 2.25% and 2.5% at the end of its May 2019 meeting. Some members of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) have argued for a rise in rates, citing low unemployment levels and solid economic growth. Others have pointed out that inflation is still below the 2% target set by the Fed, which means that the economy can continue to grow without inflation becoming a concern. The majority view was that interest rates should stay the same.

However, in the post-meeting press conference, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell hinted that there might be scope for future rate cuts. He noted that there were “crosscurrents and conflicting signals” in the economy and that the Fed would “act as appropriate” to maintain economic growth.

President Donald Trump has been a vocal critic of the Fed’s interest rate policy. He argues that the Fed is impeding economic growth and that interest rates should be cut to help boost the economy. Trump has called on the Fed to cut interest rates by one percentage point, describing the current rates as “way too high.”

Other Economists’ Perspectives

Gundlach is not the only economist to predict rate cuts. Other analysts have also issued warnings about a recession:

Economist David Rosenberg predicted a “crash landing” and a recession at the same time when Gundlach published his warning on Twitter.
Peter Schiff, an economist and gold-bug, has also warned about future inflationary pressures. He warned about a rise in the cost of living, which could lead the economy to face further difficulties.
Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz has also predicted that a rate cut is “sooner than we think.”

What Would Be the Impact of a Rate Cut?

If the Federal Reserve decides to cut interest rates, there will likely be mixed reactions from investors. The stock market is likely to see investors becoming more bullish in the short term, as lower rates mean that companies could borrow money more cheaply. This would allow them to invest in growth and innovation. There would also be an increase in consumer spending, as lower interest rates would make borrowing cheaper.

However, from a long-term perspective, a rate cut may not have the desired impact. There could be increased inflationary pressures, which would make it more complex to manage the economy. Additionally, even if the Fed cuts rates, inflation may not pick up, which leaves the economy in a difficult position.

There are other factors that could impact the economy as a whole. For instance, the ongoing trade tensions between the US and China could escalate causing a slowdown in the global economy. In this case, rate cuts may fail to be effective in preventing a recession.


Jeffrey Gundlach’s warning about US recession signals should not be taken lightly. He is a respected voice on the economy and has a track record of predicting market trends. The inverted yield curve, which has historically been an accurate predictor of recessions, is another cause for concern. The Federal Reserve can only do so much, and there are a number of factors contributing to the potential for a recession. Cutting rates could help, but it may not be enough to forestall a downturn. Investors need to be prepared for a bumpy ride in the months ahead.


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