“Snail Mail Shock: Double Stamp Price Hike Hits Your Wallet in 2021!”


On Monday, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) announced its proposed price increases to combat the ongoing issue of heightened inflation and rectify previous defective pricing models. Among the announced increases is a 4.8% hike for the “forever” first-class stamp, which would go from 63 cents to 66 cents. If the proposed rates are approved by […]

“Two Banks in March: Was the Pace of Rate Hikes Truly the Culprit?”


The Federal Reserve Bank of New York President, John Williams, has stated that the financial system troubles prompting the central bank to provide large amounts of credit to banks is not collateral damage stemming from the Federal Reserve’s aggressive campaign to lower inflation. This comment comes in defense against the growing concern that the rapid […]

Over a Million Wallets Now Hold More Than 1 BTC: Q1 2023 Crypto Boom!


Title: One Million Wallets Hold At Least One BTC in Q1 2023 Subtitle: The BTC community experiences massive growth as millions of people store at least one Bitcoin The Bitcoin blockchain has managed to cross a significant milestone that reflects the growing adoption of the world’s premier cryptocurrency. As of now, more than one million […]

“Dow Soars in Last Trading Hour for Triple Gains in Third Consecutive Session!”


US stock market indices were mixed during the final hours of trading as investors grappled with several developments. The Dow Jones Industrial Average edged toward its third consecutive days of gains, increasing 0.2%, while the S&P 500 slipped marginally to just under 0.1% and the Nasdaq Composite inched lower by 0.1%. Analysts have attributed the mixed […]

“KBW Slashes Block Stock: Discover the Surprising Reason Behind Monday’s Downgrade!”


Title: KBW Downgrades Block (Formerly Square) Stock: Reasons and Implications Introduction On Monday, investment banking firm Keefe, Bruyette & Woods (KBW) downgraded Block, Inc.’s stock. As a leading investment bank specializing in the financial services sector, KBW’s downgrade has likely caught the attention of market participants. Formerly known as Square, Block’s stock has been a […]

“Is My Money Safe?” Skyrockets to #1 in US – Are Your Finances Truly Secure?


Over recent times, “Is My Money Safe?” has become an increasingly popular search query in the United States, as it occupies a top position in search engine charts. Americans are naturally concerned about the safety and accessibility of their funds due to a number of factors, such as economic uncertainty, stock market volatility, and the […]

“US-China Strains Drive Demand for Secure Assets, Trigger Treasury Yields Retreat!”


US Treasury yields declined on Monday due to a renewed increase in geopolitical tensions, which led to an upswing in demand for bonds. The current fluctuating environment is rendering investments in bond safety plays appealing. Bond yields move inversely to prices, rising as prices fall and vice-versa. The yield on the two-year Treasury Note dropped by 1.2bps […]