8 out of 10 investors store crypto on hot wallets: CoinGecko survey

A recent survey conducted by CoinGecko examining cryptocurrency storage behavior has found that eight out of ten investors prefer hot wallets to store their digital assets. The survey was conducted between December 2021 and January 2022 and received responses from 421 individual investors. The results also showed that seven out of ten participants held their […]

WTI resumes the decline and breaks below $67.00

f the trading session. The prices of crude oil have dropped again, with the American benchmark dropping to below $67 per barrel. This is a result of increased production from major oil-producing countries and the ongoing concerns over a potential trade war between the US and China. The current drop in prices is part of […]

Trading for Polygon (MATIC) Rival Arbitrum (ARB) Goes Live on Top US Exchange Coinbase

Coinbase, one of the top United States-based crypto exchange platforms, has added trading support for the Ethereum (ETH) layer-2 scaling solution Arbitrum (ARB), which is a chief competitor to Polygon (MATIC). The leading crypto exchange platform revealed in a new announcement that trading for Arbitrum is now available across both iOS and Android devices. However, […]

Argentine Peso will be the worst performing emerging market currency in 2023 – Wells Fargo

Economists at Wells Fargo are predicting a tumultuous year for the Argentine Peso, with expectations of substantial depreciation in 2023. The devaluation is expected to be explicit, intentional, and outsized, making the Peso the worst-performing emerging market currency for the year. Argentine authorities had already allowed for greater Peso depreciation in 2022, but continued IMF […]

Inflation expectations are very important to the outlook

On Friday, Catherine Mann, a member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, stated that inflation expectations are crucial to the outlook. Her remarks were in response to concerns about rising inflation rates in the United Kingdom. Mann stated that wholesale energy prices may begin to slow down the Consumer Price Index, which could […]

ETH Facing Huge Resistance, Is $1600 or $2000 Next? (Ethereum Price Analysis)

Ethereum, one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market, has been experiencing a period of consolidation in the past week. As the price struggles to break above a key resistance area, many speculate if ETH has marked a local top. In this article, we will dive into technical and on-chain analysis of Ethereum to understand […]

2-year Treasury yield heads toward its biggest three-week decline since November 1987

On Friday, 23rd September, Treasury yields sunk to their lowest level since 2012, as global banking jitters continue to shake the financial markets. With worries that the Deutsche Bank crisis will spark further stress for the financial sector, a policy-sensitive 2-year treasury bond fell by a significant 18 basis points to 3.66% in morning trading. […]

Oil to trade at $80 by mid-year, rising to $90 by end-2023 –Commerzbank

At the start of this week, the prices of crude oil hit a new low, declining below the prices last witnessed 15 months ago. The prices of crude oil are highly volatile, and the market is often influenced by a wide range of factors. The decline in crude oil prices this week is significant and […]

US Fed Prints $400 Billion, Bitcoin Price and Ethereum Sets To Rally

The U.S. Federal Reserve has increased its balance sheet by almost $100 billion this week, reaching a total of $400 billion. The central bank continues to print more money in order to rescue cash-strapped banks that have suffered since the collapse of Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature Bank. As a result of this development, […]