“Blockchain Association Demands SEC Custody Rule Revamp for Crypto Revolution”


The US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has proposed a new custody rule that would cover client assets under an investment adviser. However, Blockchain Association representatives believe that the rule needs revision, claiming it requires “qualified custodians” and that it should “adequately account” for digital asset features. In particular, they argue that it would prevent “digital […]

US Oil Futures Make a Comeback, Soaring High Despite Last Week’s 7% Plunge


US oil futures experienced a boost on Monday, growing by almost 3% in value. Part of the reason for this growth is the bullish US jobs data, which came in better than expected on Friday. Another reason is that the speculated imminence of a recession is driving crude prices. West Texas Intermediate crude increased by […]

Cardano Founder Claims XRP Community Twisted His Words into Unrecognizable Lies


Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson has taken issue with the XRP community, claiming they manipulated his previous statement on the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple. He insists that he never said the whole SEC was bribed to initiate an attack against Ripple and their digital currency XRP. He referred to these allegations as […]

Mintlayer CEO Exposes Startling Flaws in BRC-20 Tokens: Unveils Significant Issues


Rewrite and expand this content to 900 words Security Bitcoin BRC-20 tokens have skyrocketed over the past few days, with their combined market value rising to over $923 million as of 8 May, 2023. Mintlayer CEO Enrico Rubboli has highlighted some of the flaws and issues plaguing the BRC-20 token standard. Apart from not aligning […]