UoM Consumer Confidence Index drops to 63.4 in March vs. 67 expected

The University of Michigan’s (UoM) Consumer Confidence Index declined in March’s flash estimate, pointing to a weakening of consumer sentiment in the US. The index fell to 63.4 from 67 in February, which was worse than the market expectation of 67. This decline could be connected to ongoing turbulence in the financial sector and uncertainty […]

NFT Marketplaces Should Promote ‘Underrepresented Artists and Art Forms’

In recent years, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have revolutionized the world of art and allowed for new and innovative ways for artists to monetize their work. However, despite the promises of Web3, the NFT marketplaces still suffer from a lack of inclusivity and accessibility for artists from diverse cultures. According to J.D. Lasica, CEO of Amberfi, […]

CAD likely to find it difficult to hold its ground against the USD – Commerzbank

The Canadian Dollar (CAD) has had a tough time holding its ground against the US Dollar (USD) in recent times. In a risk-averse environment, Canadian economists believe it will continue to struggle. Commerzbank, one of the leading economic research institutions, has recently adjusted its forecasts for the CAD’s recovery potential, stating that it remains limited […]

Bitcoin’s Correlation to Gold Increases as Crypto Rally Continues

The correlation between bitcoin and gold has been on the rise in the past few weeks, reinforcing the claims made by bitcoin supporters that the cryptocurrency is also a safe-haven asset. During this period, its correlation with US stocks has fallen significantly, which could be attributed to the ongoing banking crisis. This shift in correlation […]

Google’s Bard could ‘blow a hole’ in margins, analyst warns

Alphabet Inc.’s (GOOGL) burgeoning artificial intelligence (AI) division, Bard, is causing concern among some analysts regarding the impact it may have on the search giant’s margins. However, UBS analyst Lloyd Walmsley believes those fears are overblown, suggesting that any cost concerns will be offset by the numerous cost reduction initiatives currently in place. Is Alphabet’s […]

GBP/USD steadies near 1.2150, stays on track to post weekly gains

The GBP/USD pair is currently trading in positive territory at around 1.2150 amidst renewed weakness in the US Dollar. The pair is on track to end the week with modest gains, even after experiencing a dip below 1.2100 during the European trading hours. The USD is finding it challenging to recover demand in the face […]

Why was CFX  token Pumped Today?

Conflux is a blockchain network that aims to establish a permission-less and open-source platform that can process high volumes of transaction on a global scale. Conflux provides users with a fast, secure, and efficient ecosystem that can execute contracts and process transactions in real-time. Despite its many merits, Conflux’s native token CFX has not performed […]

Compelling reasons to push the Loonie higher are scant – Scotiabank

The Canadian Dollar (CAD) has struggled to make gains despite a recovery in risk appetite. According to economists at Scotiabank, the CAD is unlikely to see much improvement in the near term. Despite the modest tailwind created by the improvement in risk appetite, US-Canada yield spreads across the curve are still unfavourable for the CAD. […]

Bitcoin Reaches $26K Following $1 Billion Worth BTC Massive Move: Details

Bitcoin Hits New High at $26K Following $1 Billion Worth of Massive Transactions On March 16, 2023, on-chain analytics firm Santiment noted that a whale address received $1 billion worth of Bitcoin in the largest BTC transaction of the year. The transaction occurred as Bitcoin was approaching the $25,000 mark, which it reached the following […]